Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 16 2017

This field trip took place on a nice hot day out at Willow Creek. Although there wasn't as many adventurists out today, there were many findings!

Group #1 Wildlife Management
Infomation is coming soon....

Group #2 Steelhead Release
This group shocked the water and found one redband trout and 47 suckerfish. They were impressed to find a trout because of the water conditions. But it led them to believe that their might be more trout in the water.

Group #3 Bald Eagle
Quaid hiked along with the blogger group in hope to find a bald eagle which was a sad failure. We had no luck unfortuently.

Group #4 Snakes
Information is coming soon...

Group #5 Macro Invertebrates
This group found stone flies, damsefly, and alderfly. They were hopeful to find more, but the water is filled with healthy living macro invertebrates.

Group #6 Wildflowers
Shayna and Lorena went back to their previous location to check on their flowers that they originally planted. Luckily, the snap dragons and wild roses were still alive.

Group #7 Photo points
Photos coming soon...

Group #8 Water Quality 
This time, the group discovered it was best to use the waders for all their procedures. It was a simple, yet interesting way to gather the data without getting wet. The group found different components of data to create a solid research outline. Ask one of the group members to see the findings!

Photos from May 16

Ms. Honea found bats!
Here are some filaree storksbills. 
Wild buckwheat

Jose and Matt hold hands as he crosses the creek
Murrell mushrooms.

Red ant hill. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Photos from May 8

These are the photos taken from our second field trip this semester.

Fuzzy caterpillar crawls across the rock.
Edwin and Margie working together!

Edwin and Margie posing in the creek. 

Weston balancing on a Juniper stump!

The bloggers found a lizard!
Found some Murrell mushrooms!
A look of Willow Creek from above.
Matt Krueger poses on a rock.

May 8 2017

Today we went to Willow Creek to gather more information on our topics. It was a beautiful day to find bugs, tons of reptiles, and fish.

Group #1 Wildlife Management
They took pictures of the plant and grass growth after the trees were cut.

Group #2 Steelhead Release
This group shocked fish to see what type of fish live in the creek. They caught 55 sucker fish and 1 red band trout.

Group #3 Bald Eagle
They didn't attend the field trip.

Group #4 Snakes
This group went to their data locations and focal points where they walked back and forth looking for snakes. They got lucky and found two different bullsnakes in different locations. In their third location, they didn't have any luck finding snakes.

Group #5 Macro Invertebrates
They caught many different macro invertebrates which determined the clarity of the water.

Group #6 Wildflowers
They found wildflowers that haven't identified them yet and found a lot more flowers than the field trip before.

Group #7 Photo Points
They took more pictures which we will be posting on our pictures page located on the left-hand side of the page.

Group #8 Water Quality 
The water quality seemed to be muddy and merky compared to the mulitple times before. Edwin worked hard and used waders to test the quality.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 28 2017

Now we gathered everyone's findings from our field trip to Willow Creek.

Group #1 Wildlife Management

This group wasn't able to make it out to Willow Creek but they have read and researched other groups to fugure out how to collect data for their group when we make our next field trip.

Group #2 Steelhead Release

On April 26, this group made an emergency trip out to Willow Creek to release some of the minnows because the oxygen levels weren't acceptable for that many minnows in one tank. The group decided it would be in the fishes best interest to go release some of the fish in hopes to save the dying fish.

Group #3 Bald Eagle

Quaid was on the hunt for bald eagle but instead, he came across a golden eagle. It was found about a half mile downstream from culvert. He was amazed at his finding but didn't find the bird he was looking for.

Group #4 Snakes

Cole and Weston were not able to make it out to Willow Creek but have formed more research for when they are able to adventure out. They are focusing on rattlesnakes and water snakes.

Group #5 Macro Invertebrates
This group suprisingly found a lot! They found leeches, skippers, and water beetles in the creek. It took a lot of preparation and equiptment to make this exploration happen. While making these discoveries, Margie accidently found a deep spot in the creek and fell in.

Group #6 Wildflowers
They found 4 different colored wildflowers. They are conducting research on those flowers and why they are striving in that location.

Group #7 Photo Points

They took pictures which will be shared with me.

Group #8 Water Quality 
The water temperature increased and the dissolved oxygen decreased. They also found organsms which were floading in the water instead of under. This may be caused by the decrease in water.

Photos from April 28

These are the photos taken from our first field trip.

Jett testing water levels for Steelhead release.

Jett using GPS for coordinates

Jose recording data.

Downstream from culvert.

Willow Creek

Emma and Lorenzo wading out in the water. 

Margie and Hannah posing in their waders. 

Old juniper tree. 

Water well table. 

Willow Creek

Monse and Iveth posing for the camera. 

Margie fell into the cold creek!!

April 5 2017

This is our first official blog post. We are gathering the names and information from each group and figuring out what they are interested in. This will be the easiest way to keep up with each group and their research. For future reference, we will have group numbers and their essential questions to create a detailed analysis on each blog post.

Group #1 Wildlife Management with Janae, Lacey, Andrea, and Amber

They are conducting research on the coyotes and how diseases affect the elk/deer population.

Group #2 Steelhead Release with Jett, Jose, Ayla, Cruz

They're researching what the best time will be in order to release the steelhead and when the proper time is to tag them.

Group #3 Bald Eagle with Quaid and Hector

He will be studying the population of the bald eagles at Willow Creek and where they currently reside.

Group #4 Snakes with Weston and Cole

They are going to focus on the different types of snakes that are currently living in the Willow Creek area.

Group #5 Macro Invertebrates with Lorenzo, Emma, Ted, and Hannah

They are finding out what type of aquatic bugs are in the steam and which ones are helping Willow Creek strive.

Group #6 Wildflowers with Tanner, Shayna, and Lorena

They will be taking photos of the invasive species that are in the Willow Creek area.

Group #7 Photo Points with Monse and Iveth

This group will collect pictures.

Group #8 Water Quality with Edwin,